Conquering the Mountain of Legacy Data

Conquering the Mountain of Legacy Data


“Conquering the Mountain of Legacy Data”

Presented by::
Don Bridges, Data Conversion Laboratory Inc.

10 August 2011, 10-11 am Pacific/US

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Break down the walls!


So you are finally planning that big move over to structured content. Great! You understand the benefits of reuse and what it means for your business.

But what do you do about the mountains of legacy content? Pack it all up and bring it with you? Leave it behind hoping you will never need to look at it again? Work in two worlds of structured (for the new content) and unstructured (for the old data) authoring?

In this recorded web session, we talk about the options you have for handling all of that old data. Like the Sherpa guides of Nepal, we can help you. In this session we will share with you what you will need to help you on the journey, what to plan for, and some hard won lessons learned along the way.

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Members and customers of Single-Sourcing Solutions can always view the video, slides, sample files, and transcripts on the Membership Wiki.