Where Are They Now? [TC Dojo Open Session On-Line Event]

Where Are They Now? [TC Dojo Open Session On-Line Event]

Where did those XML projects, which you’ve you heard about at conferences over the years, end up? Sure IBM was successful, but what about the small companies? Or the companies that don’t have teams of software people that the technical publications departments can draw upon for help? Did they make it?

We interviewed long-term Arbortext customers to find out where they are now, whether they realized the full potential of their solutions, what data they collected, and what lessons they’d learned. And we’ll share it with you.

Details About This Presentation:

Date: 16 September 2013, 9-9:30 AM Pacific/US

Title: Where Are They now? TC Dojo Open Session

Presenter: Liz Fraley, Single-Sourcing Solutions

Level: Beginner

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URLs mentioned during the Webinar:

Interview with Greg Johnson – Medtronic’s Story

Interview with Todd Nowlan, Nortel

ROI of XML – panelists Andy Pieper, Toro, Todd Nowlan, Nortel, Greg Johnson, Medtronic, & Charlotte Robidoux, HP

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